Mother's Day Gift Baskets

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Hi Ladies,

This year, as in many previous years, the Moms Club is creating Mother's Day gift baskets for moms in need. Napa Emergency Women’s Services (NEWS) provides a nurturing refuge for women and children suffering from domestic violence and/or sexual assault, and is a catalyst for change through prevention, intervention and advocacy.

We hope to donate a Mother's Day gift basket to each of the four women currently in the NEWS shelter. We are now seeking donations for these baskets. Any contribution large or small will help these ladies who have been left with nothing and are having to start their lives with their children all over again, away from a life of domestic violence and abuse.

I have listed below a number of items that are on the wish list for the moms in the shelter. Our goal is for each of the moms to get a basket with as many of the below items as possible. So, if you are able to buy 4 of the items you choose to donate (i.e. four towels or one for each basket), then that would be great. But whatever you can give will be hugely appreciated. We can also get multiples of certain items (items marked with an *) as these are items that can also be used by the children living with the moms at the shelter.

Wish List:

Towels* x 4

Pillows* x4

Shampoo x 4

Bodywash x 4

Body lotion x 4

Bubble bath/bath salts x 4

Flatware set for 4 people x 4

Soap x 4

Toothpaste x 4

Pots/pans x 4

Laundry bag/basket x 4

Cooking tools (e.g. wooden spoons, slotted spoons, spatulas, tongs) x 4

Grocery or Target/Walmart gift cards* (I was told by NEWS that gift cards are extremely welcome to allow the moms to shop for their own items. So, we can take as many gift card donations as possible!)


I have set up a Google doc so you can write your name next to the item you are donating: (if you have any problems accessing or amending the spreadsheet please let me know)


The above list is not all-inclusive and we can also accept other items that are not on the list. So, if you have something else you wish to donate please just let me know. I am sure all items will be appreciated!


Thank you so much in advance for anything you are able to donate!

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Natalie Correll

Apr 5 (3 days ago)