What American Canyon Moms' Club has to offer


Our newsletter is sent out monthly via email, and posted online, and includes the club calendar, a list of playgroups, news, updates, member articles, event photos, community event information and classified ads.


Playgroups are designed for parents and their children to meet in small age appropriate groups. Playgroups rotate between member's homes, parks or other group driven event locations.

Field Trips:

At least once a month the club has a field trip to explore various places in and around our community. Some field trips are free, some may include a fee.

Member Hosted Events:

At least once a month, the club offers a Coffee Morning, Smoothie Morning, bowling, walks and many other adventures in our community.

Mom's Night Out:

Mom's Night Out (MNO) is once month and is designed for moms to get out on their own. Nursing infants are welcome, but this is an event just for moms. Places and events vary.  Some events are free and some have fees, depending on the host groups choice.

In-A-Pinch Program:

The In-A-Pinch  (IAP) program is designed to assist Club members during a family emergency or other major event. Typical IAP events include the birth of a child, surgery for oneself or a family member, bed‐rest due to pregnancy, etc. IAP volunteers provide evening meals, but other assistance, such as running errands or grocery shopping, can also be arranged.

Mothers Club Online:

ACMC exists online in several places including our website and Facebook. Our Facebook page is a secret group and by invite only. The website has a log in feature which gives members access to photo's, calendars, events, etc. Contact the Web Coordinator for more information. Please review our online policies in the By-laws listed on our webpage.

Book Club:

Our Book Club meets once a month, in the evening, at a member’s home. The book list is decided by the group and is always fun even if you haven’t read!

Help Wanted:

Our club exists and functions because of its volunteers. We need members for serving on the Board, planning, organizing, and hosting events and activities.